A lot has been said about millennials and cellphones but many ‘experts’ neglect to mention the myriad of helpful apps that can literally transform the life of the owner.  It is no longer necessary to search for a guru or attend a class to get guided meditation for anxiety. Meditation apps are more or less main stream now and more people are taking advantage of their own personal gurus. If you haven’t tried downloading an app to help you meditate, here is what you can expect;

Ease into Meditation

Meditation is deceptively simple which makes it hard and frustrating for people trying it for the first time. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to empty the mind of all thoughts, which by the way, is not possible. A meditation app literally holds your hand from the first time by going through the basics. These basics include breathing, body and mindful awareness techniques. The introductory period can last up to a week or more, usually using short instructions of a few minutes each.

Motivation to Meditate

Many people consider meditation a novelty and quickly get bored and move on after just a few sessions. You need to integrate guided mindfulness meditation into your daily life to reap all the benefits of the practice. With work and family obligations, even remembering to meditate can be a chore in itself. Meditation apps offer useful alerts to remind you to meditate every day. Simply set the alert to the most convenient time of the day and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to meditate.

Integrating Meditation to Daily Life

Besides making time every day to sit still and be calm, it is possible to integrate meditation into daily activities. It is possible to meditate while driving, eating, surfing the internet and walking. It of course takes some level of skill and guided meditation apps help you to achieve this. These apps may also offer additional lessons and mindfulness practices that you can integrate to mundane daily activities for a peaceful and enriched life.

Track Progress

Tracking progress is the norm with fitness apps and it makes sense to have it on a meditation app. If are wondering how to reduce fasting blood sugar through meditation, it is useful to be able to track your progress. The app may offer useful stats on various areas such as how often you mediate, how long you meditate on average and so on. This information is incredibly useful to keep track of your meditation goals and tweak your schedule or practice accordingly.


You don’t need to personally know or visit a mystic or yogi to learn meditation. A simple app can transform your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health in ways you never imagined. A good meditation app is definitely worth trying out.