If you think that only bed linen, gleaming bathroom tiles, suite sizes and the interior of a hotel count, then you are missing out the crucial point. More than anything, guests remember the unique service experience they get at the luxury hotel or resort.

When it comes to luxury hotels and resorts in Sonamarg, there are many perks that they employ to offer one-of-a-kind experience to their guests. The list of things to pamper guests can go endless, and you can also expect it to get outrageous in the years ahead.

It is quite fun to discuss the elaborate luxury features that luxury hotels offer. Let’s discuss in details what could be some luxury hotel amenities that can make guests’ visit truly memorable. They are simple, but have a surprising effect:

Anywhere, anytime meals

What if the hotel you stay in lets you do your breakfast whenever you feel so, in your luxury room at no extra cost? That would be wonderful. Yes, there are some luxury hotels around the world that offer such facilities to their guests. This amenity allows people to enjoy their meal in the comfort of their room so that they can have a memorable stay. So, you don’t have to come out of your room to enjoy your meal.

Check-in process in the car

Some luxury hotels have gone a way ahead by providing private airport transfers and pickups. But, some have gone even further by allowing their guests to begin the check in process in the car only. A hotel or resort located far from the airport or those have guests arriving late in the night, usually after midnight, opts to offer this facility to their guest. This is quite relaxing for their guests also because they can walk straight to their room even at 1 am, and someone will be there to help them.

Complementary pickup and drop off services

While the services were mostly offered by distantly located luxury hotels or resorts, some centrally-located hotels have also started to offer this service. Some hotels have shuttles or vans that depart from hotel at a certain time. Some luxury ones also offer private pickup and drop off services.

Service as per your choice

Some luxury resorts in Sonamarg also offer services and amenities as you need. If you want certain items in your room, you can ask the staff and enjoy the luxury. For food, they have both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian items to satisfy all their guests.

A movie library

You cannot expect the facility everywhere, but this actually offers guests a wonderful experience. A DVD library in the guest’s own room is actually a great experience shared by many travelers across the world.

The basic idea behind offering these facilities to guests is to re-create the same comfy environment as in their own property. As the guests feel comfortable, like at home, their satisfaction level goes up. Hotels in Sonamarg may consider offering these facilities to attract domestic as well as international guests.