Many people have very rigid ideas about meditation and if their expectations aren’t met quickly, they give up. This frustration largely comes from misinformation or ignorance about the art of meditation. Eating foods to reduce high blood pressure and regular meditation can have a dramatic positive impact on stress reduction and your overall health and sense of well-being. There are a few things you should know about meditation if you are just starting out or getting ready to meditate for the first time.

You Don’t Have to Close Your Eyes

Most people think that you need to have your eyes closed to meditate. The truth is closing your eyes isn’t for everyone. If you feel you are trying too hard to close your eyes, open-eyed meditation is just as effective. There are different forms of meditation and so it takes a little practice and experimenting to find the right one.

You Can’t Get Rid Of All Thoughts

Another common misconception is that your mind is supposed to be completely devoid of all thought. This is not necessary, and it may not even be possible to completely silence the mind. The act of trying to consciously suppress thought is also counter intuitive in that you are thinking about not thinking. It is perfectly normal to have thoughts. The only difference is rather than following your thoughts to their logical conclusion, meditation is more a matter of watching your thoughts passively without holding on to them. This watching becomes easier as you practice meditation more often.

You May Not Get It Right the First Time – And That’s OK!

If you think that you gain instant access to nirvana or some other mystical land the first time you meditate, you may be in for a disappointing time. Meditation for stress doesn’t always immediately offer the stress relief it promises. You will likely have a difficult time simply sitting still and calming your mind. Trying too hard to meditate further agitates your mind. The silver lining is its ok not to get it right the first time. The relaxation and calmness comes with time and as you get more experience. There are days where the meditation is successful and others when you can’t seem to get it right. Ultimately, with practice and patience, it will eventually happen.

There Is No Time Limit to Meditation

Finally, a lot of people think that you have to meditate for thirty minutes or an hour per day to get the benefits. Truth is even a five minute meditation is beneficial to your health. This means that you can fit in quality time with yourself even on a busy schedule. If you wish, you can start small and make your way up to longer meditation. A five minute meditation is better than nothing at all.


Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety naturally. The practice also helps with a variety of diseases and conditions including blood pressure issues. Fortunately, guided meditation apps allow you to get right to the heart of the practice with no prior experience or knowledge.