Many people are skeptical about meditation in general and see it as something that eastern yogis and eccentric westerners do. The truth is meditation can improve virtually any area of your life.

Meditation as one of the natural ways to reduce blood pressure is no longer a bone of contention. The American Heart Association confirmed that this practice does indeed help to lower and manage blood pressure. In addition to this, the study found that meditation was the best alternative method for lowering blood pressure.

How Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

It is no secret that stress is a huge contributing factor to high blood pressure. Demands of modern day life continue to compound over the years and the generations seem to get more and more stressed. Societal issues aside, meditation helps to relax the mind and therefore reduce stress. This action directly lowers the blood pressure.

Deep relaxation also allows the body to heal itself. The human body is very well adapted and capable of repairing itself. Meditation reaches out the consciousness that can allow this natural regeneration and calibrating to take place.

Meditation isn’t just a matter of how to reduce blood pressure fast. Long-term practice makes you naturally calmer and less prone to stress outside of meditation. Being able to handle the pressures of life allows you to retain your sanity and health.

Additional Benefits

There is no denying that pharmaceutical medication is effective in lowering blood pressure. The problem is the medication has many potential side effects. The price of the medication can also be restrictive for many people. Lastly, medication typically treats the symptoms rather than resolving the underlying problem. This is evident when a patient stops taking his medication only for his blood pressure to rise again.

Guided meditation for high blood pressure has a long-term effect long after the practice itself is done. Meditation offers a chance to relax from demanding and stressing events and quiet the body enough to treat itself naturally. These benefits also extend to other areas of life including in relationships, overall-well being and career success.


The National Institutes of Health is just one of the organizations that have invested heavily in meditation research especially in the links of the practice to health. The results of comprehensive studies prove what ancient mystics and many eastern cultures have known for a long time. The body is capable of healing itself even of serious illnesses and meditation is the channel through which one can make this happen.

The American Heart Association has also give the practice a thumbs up where how to reduce high blood pressure is concerned.

It is worth mentioning that you need to speak with your doctor if you plan on abandoning medication especially for chronic illness.

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