Many people suffering from high blood pressure want to know how to reduce blood pressure immediately. Lowering blood pressure instantaneously may not be entirely possible but you can do so in under an hour. The trick here is what you put into and what you do with your body. There are a few ways you can naturally and easily lower blood pressure in less than one hour.

Drink Lots of Water

First, stay away from alcoholic, sugary and caffeinated drinks. These drinks excite your nervous system and cause blood pressure to shoot up. Drink lots of water and ensure that you are always hydrated. The idea is to hydrate the arteries and veins so that your heart doesn’t have to work so hard.

Take Time to Relax

It may not always be possible to go on a holiday but you can relax right where you are with meditation relaxation. Just a few minutes can make a tremendous difference in your blood pressure. Guided meditation also means that you don’t need any previous experience with the practice. Stress is a leading cause of skyrocketing blood pressure. Meditation helps to reduce stress and therefore reduce the blood pressure.

Choose Diuretic Foods

Natural fruits such as cranberries and watermelon help to flush out toxins and unnecessary fluid from the system. Once digested, the flushing effect from the tissues means that your heart no longer needs to work so hard to sustain you. Ensure that the fruits are completely organic to enjoy the most health benefits.

Stay Away from Salty Foods

Learning how to reduce blood pressure immediately also involves managing your blood pressure levels. Processed, prepackaged and canned foods are notorious for elevating blood pressure. These foods contain high levels of sodium which wrecks havoc on blood pressure especially for older people. It is best to stay away from these foods all together.


Take a brisk walk or run to help regulate your blood pressure. The exercise means that you use oxygen better so the heart is not as strained as it naturally would be.

Guided meditation is probably the easiest and quickest way to lower your blood pressure. Technology advances means that ancient technics used for health and wellness are now available to every one. a guided meditation app on your phone can prove invaluable and allow you to take time off during a busy day to relax and bring down your blood pressure.

If you feel that you or a loved one is in danger because of their blood pressure level, it is best to seek medical assistance immediately. These tips only work if you are not in any mortal danger. Also make sure you consult your doctor before getting off any prescribed blood pressure medication.