Most of the population suffers from joint related problems and knee and hip issues are the real major concerns of nowadays. Do you know that knee is the largest joint in our body? Our knees are responsible for many functions and we are very much dependent on it to get through daily life chores. Just think, what our life would become without the knees? Well, it sounds and feels pretty difficult and next to impossible of doing anything. Our knees support our whole body weight, while you are squatting, pivoting and more. While getting serious symptoms of knee related, one should not ignore them and consider talking to best knee replacement doctors in Gurgaon and India for best results. The recovery is a bit difficult and takes time if not taken care of properly. Any kind of fracture, arthritis and related issues make every movement more difficult.

For a healthy joint, all of the components of the knee such as bones, cartilage, ligaments and meniscus should work better together. When someone sustains their joint’s injury for too long, following things can happen:

  • chronic pain
  • muscle weakness
  • reduced function and limited range of motion
  • bring other disabilities as well

There are many types of non-surgical methods to control pain relief such as recommended medications, physical exercises, drugs, balms or lotions and etc. In the situations where joint cartilage is in extremely worn out condition and bone-bone is rubbing making the whole thing so painful, surgeons prefer to go for joint replacement surgery.

Joint replacement surgery is a safe, and effective option to relieve the pain. It also corrects any kind of deformation (if any) and allows restoration of normal knee function. In these procedures, surgeons use such as metal implants and a spacer to cushion them (bones). The prosthetics provide your knee to move again painlessly. Another amazing fact behind the larger number of opting for knee replacement surgery are its successful rate and short span of recovery.

Facts About The Recovery Time:

  1. There have been noted cases seen in which the patient get back to their normal movements and life chores the day right after the surgery. It all depends on the type of immunity the patient has. The type of diet and medication also play an important role behind this.
  2. If the recovery span is beautifully short then one can also expect to leave the hospital ward by walking yet with support.
  3. Most of the times, it is preferred to use a cane stick while walking or sauntering around. During first two to six weeks are very vulnerable and you can’t rely 100% on a newly operated joint.
  4. Visit at least once a month after the surgery
  5. Go for the best knee replacement surgery in Gurgaon and India for the most favourable results
  6. Swelling is the most common issue that arises after surgery but it should start to become normal after few weeks of post-surgery.
  7. You can even start driving as well, once you are off from the pain killers or pain relief drugs
  8. Blood accumulation is also normal to appear after surgery
  9. If you have survived ten years after the joint replacement surgery, then the success rate is almost 98%.