Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is the largest spread issue among the urbane working class. And this happens due to their lifestyle which also includes consumption of junk food, no routine of physical exercise, 9 hour stretched working hours, can’t take balanced meal or diet, insomnia, and etc. Obesity can lead to many other fatal diseases such as infertility, joint pain, organ failure, cardiac arrest and etc. It is best to consult with the surgeons and doctors of best hospitals for weight loss surgery in Delhi and India to get a quick idea what to do next to lead a healthy life.


There are various methods and procedures through which weight loss surgery is done nowadays and are different in many aspects. Let scroll through:

Gastric Sleeve

After the Gastric Sleeve procedure, the stomach size is reduced and makes the patient feel less hungry. Though the reduced stomach size will sooner feel perfect after eating. In this method, the hunger causing elements or hormones are removed which make him or her eat less generally.

The Procedure

This surgery is known as the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) and it is performed by the removal of a large portion of the stomach to deposit a pouch connecting the oesophagus to the small intestine. The pouch is then stapled for fixation and the rest of the stomach is removed.

Gastric Bypass

The rearranging of intestines causing them to absorb few minerals only. And the dumping syndrome symptoms deter patients from eating unhealthy foods. There is no need to worry about the reduced size of the stomach. As soon as the patient will start to eat it will feel full.

The Procedure

Gastric bypass includes few steps:

Cutting and staple the top portion of the stomach while creating a small pouch at the end of the oesophagus or at the top of the stomach. And the same pouch is attached to the small intestine which will allow the digestive juices produced by the stomach to “meet up” with the food in the intestines.

Duodenal Switch

The Procedure

This procedure includes rearrangement of intestines to reduce the amount of calorie absorption of the body. In this method, a duodenum like structure is attached to the end of oesophagus connecting the top of the small intestine. Then the small intestine is cut deep down to attached the part with the large intestine, connected to the duodenum.

This is done so that all the digestive juices from it can mix well with the food coming from the stomach.


The Procedure

In this procedure, a silicone and Silastic band is sewed around the top of the stomach. A balloon of inner surface area of the band is connected to a tube which is put under the skin but above the abdominal muscles. Consult with best doctors for weight loss surgery in Delhi and India to add or remove saline solution to make it tighter or looser.

The Procedure

Gastric Balloon

During this procedure, the patient is made to remain on sedative while a scope is passed through the mouth into the stomach. The balloon is passed into the stomach and the scope is then removed. After its positioning, the balloon is inflated with air or saline solution. This makes the patient feel fuller every time and eats less.